Our Story

Software Niagara was founded in 2012. Inspired by grassroots tech communities that were popping up in nearby cities, like Software Hamilton and Startup North, a couple local developers set out to create a similar community in the Niagara Region. Over the years, we have organized numerous DemoCamps, Hackathons, and other meetups. And until this day, thanks to our volunteers and supporters, we continue to organize events for the tech community in the spirit of our mission.

Our mission is to foster a community in Niagara that encourages and supports software development and the creation of software-based businesses.

We are a grassroots community. Our events and forum are organized and run by a group of volunteers that has continued to grow over the years. While we encourage everyone to come out to our events and be part of our community, we also encourage everyone to volunteer with Software Niagara and help shape the future of our community. Help us build the tech community that you want.