We are coders, designers, mentors and students whom are working to connect the software and startup community in the Niagara Region.

Since 2012 we have organized DemoCamps, Hackathons, and many more meetups.

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A Brief History

  • 2012
    • Sep 19

      DemoCamp 1

      The inaugral DemoCamp included an introduction from Software Hamilton, a keynote from Upper Rapids, and demos from local developers.

    • Nov 28

      DemoCamp 2

      The second event in the series included a keynote from Brock University's Digital Humanities Department and demos from local developers.

  • 2013
    • Feb 23

      Open Data Day

      Software Niagara celebrated Open Data Day with a Hackathon at Innovate Niagara.

    • Apr 10

      DemoCamp 3

      DemoCamp 3 delivered even more great demos from local developers.

    • Jun 25

      DevTricks 1

      Local developers met in an ice cream shop kicking off a long running seminar series.

    • Oct 22

      DemoCamp 4

      The DemoCamp series continued to grow in popularity.

  • 2014
    • Feb 22


      forum.softwareniagara.com was launched and started to gain traction.

    • May 4

      DemoCamp 5

      The final DemoCamp included a keynote from Every1Games and a number of video game demos.

    • Aug 11

      DevTricks 15

      The fifteenth event in the series included talks on Bluebird promises and Twig templates.

  • 2015
    • Nov 9

      DevTricks 30

      DevTricks continued with talks on WordPress, WagTail, and NPM.

  • 2016
    • Jul 27

      Do You Something for Great Good

      The first event in a short-lived series included discussion on continuous integration and Elixir.

  • 2017
    • Mar 13

      DevTricks 46

      The final DevTricks in a 4-year series included talks on blockchain, IoT, failsafes, and building your own web framework.

    • Oct 14

      DevCoffee 1

      With DevTricks on hiatus, DevCoffee filled the gap, offering early morning shoptalk for developers. A new tradition was born.

  • 2018
    • May 13

      DevCoffee 5

      The early-day coffee series continues, this time adding lightning talks to the mix.

  • Now