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Our Events

We organize free and inclusive events that are designed to connect the software community, facilitate learning, and celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our events are organized by members of the community for the community. We encourage people of all skill levels to come out to DemoCamp, DevTricks and OpenHackSTC. Experienced or just curious; you're welcome at our events.

DemoCamp Niagara

DemoCamp Niagara is a showcase of made-in-Niagara technology and the talent behind it.

Each DemoCamp starts with a keynote followed by 4-6 technology demos from local designers, developers and entrepreneurs. The audience has an opportunity to ask questions after each demo.

DemoCamp has been held all over Canada, including Hamilton, Guelph, Toronto and Calgary. We are proud to carry on the tradition since 2012. DemoCamp returns in the fall of 2014.



Learn tricks of the trade from other developers on the second monday of the month.

We line-up a few developers for each event to teach the programming languages, frameworks, tools and tips that make them productive. The audience has an opportunity to ask questions after each lesson. In fact, the audience even has a chance to join in. The floor is opened to ad hoc presentations at the end of the evening.

Join us on the second monday of each month at Cowork Niagara.

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Code together on anything at Cowork Niagara on the fourth monday of the month.

We organize a meetup once a month to get a group of people together to hack on anything. It doesn't matter what language, framework or license you want to use. Everyone is welcome. Hack alone or in a group. Work on the next big thing or contribute to an open source project.

We kick off each session with a call to arms. Tell us who you are and what you want to work on. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to offer help. It is an open and collaborative environment.

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About Us

We are Software Niagara - a community-led grassroot initiative to connect the software community in the Niagara Region.

We are students, professionals, and entrepreneurs that volunteer our time to manage this website, moderate a forum, and organize events. We are doing our part to connect the software community and create a positive environment for learning and doing business.

We believe Niagara can be a hot spot for software and technology business and education. This will lead to new opportunities for professional development, business development, civic engagement and economic growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Niagara a community that encourages and supports technology development and entrepreneurship. That involves encouraging everyone to take part. We believe that we should all participate in shaping the future of our community.

Our History

Software Niagara was founded in 2012 by Nick Kenyeres and Mike Mottola; but it has since grown into a thriving community with numerous volunteers. The initiative was based on projects in other communities; notably, Software Hamilton and Startup North.

Contact Us

Did we mention that we are a grassroots organization?

We are a loose knit group of volunteers. That means that we don't have someone available to answer the phone. We can take your email, but we all like to be involved.

The best way to get in touch with us is to introduce yourself on our forum. Tell us who you are. Then ask a question or make a suggestion. Please note that you can sign up through our forum to speak or present at our events our forum. We have threads for upcoming events that you can add your name and topic too.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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